So Let’s Start.

The purpose of starting PhysicsCookBook is to help my students with the understanding of physics.

Due to some personal reasons, after some initial days, I left it untouched. Now things settled and I am planning to start it again.

I am not the video kind of guy. I don’t like my learning from videos. On the internet, I am seeing a lot of lousy videos who claim to teach physics. Some of them are well funded and are worthless to the students.

If you talk to students, they will give you proper feedback of the online paid classes.

Most of them say they were not able to understand. Some of them says, they were using online classes for getting their worksheets only.

The major issue is how to start. Can we reinvent the wheel. There is some really good and authentic content already available on internet by authorities in physics. So why a person will come here if he is only interested in studying physics.

Initially my plan was to simplify the physics so that an average student would be able to understand the physics.

So, now I am trying to start it again. I will try to post some good content for you people for sure. I will try to explain the complicated physics concepts.

Wish me luck


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