About Physics CookBook

Physics is all about love. It is not a subject, it is love in it’s totality.

We are a group of experienced practicing teachers of physics. We teach physics from standard 9 to standard 12 for Indian students.

If you are interested in studying physics for NEET, JEE (Mains or Advances) or any other competition, this is a place for you.

Physics CookBook is also for you if you are a teacher of physics searching for resources. We will include various tools and resources later for this website.

Why CookBook?

Physics consists of some basic ingredients. The basic formulas are ingredients to solve any problem in physics.

The components of CookBook are as follows:

Basic Formulas are ingredients

Complete Problems are Recipes

Mathematical Tools are utensils to prepare the recipes.

Using basic ingredients and process them by tools, you will get your desired result.

We will update more on this later. This is just starting.