Position of an ant (S in metres) moving in Y-Z plane is given by $S= 2t^2 \hat j + 5 \hat k$ (where t is in second)

Position of an ant (S in metres) moving in Y-Z plane is given by $S= 2t^2 \hat j + 5 \hat k$ (where t is in second). The magnitude and direction of velocity of the ant at t = 1 s will be :

(A) 16 m/s in y-direction

(B) 4 m/s in x-direction

(C) 9 m/s in z-direction

(D) 4 m/s in y-direction


This question was asked in JEE-Mains 2024 on January 27, 2024 in the morning session.

Required Utensils:

  1. Vectors
  2. Differentiation (Click to know formulas of differentiation)
    • Basic Differentiation formula $\frac{d}{dt}(t^n) = nt^{n-1}$


This is a simple differentiation question. You will find questions like this in most of the physics

Here $S= 2t^2 \hat j + 5 \hat k$

so $v = \frac{dS}{dt} = 4t \hat j$

Since $5 \hat k$ is a constant because there is no term of $t$ here.

Substituting $t = 1$

$v=4 \times 1 \hat j$

$v = 4 \hat j$

Since $\hat j$ is there, so velocity is in +Y direction with magnitude 4.

Hence option (D) is the correct answer

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  1. Differentiation
  2. Sarthak Solution
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