Our First Post on Physics CookBook

Welcome to Physics CookBook.

If you haven’t read the about page, I suggest you to read it.

Since this is my first post, This is all about the introduction of Physics CookBook.

I am Syed Mazhar Ali. I am teaching physics from 1996. If you are a student, you were not probably born. Barring a few couple of years, I teach almost every year.

From the last two years, I am in coaching industry teaching for NEET and JEE.

This industry is very beautiful. The industry start coaching from class 9. Sometimes, a class 9 or 10 students solve problem quickly than a veteran physics teacher.

I am also a programmer as a hobby now. Once I worked almost full time as programmer in tech industry.

The purpose of Physics CookBook is to prepare some effective tools for your studies.

So, whether you are an educator or an student of physics, we have a tool for you. This blog page is to discuss new problems, proposing alternate solutions and to announce new tools.


One response to “Our First Post on Physics CookBook”

  1. Mayuresh Avatar

    Thank you so much sir
    For this initiative

    This will truly help us in our journey of enjoying physics

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